Destiny 2 Fashion
Because of a lack of participation from the community and less than 250 views per day for the last year, Destiny 2 Fashion is shutting down on September 5th, 2019. If there is anything you wish to keep, please save it now.

Ghost Shells

Ghost ShellNameRarity
Aggressive ShellLegendary
Avalon ShellLegendary
Blue Moon ShellLegendary
Bold ShellLegendary
Competitive ShellLegendary
Crescent ShellLegendary
EDZ ShellUncommon
Graylight ShellLegendary

Gray Tiger ShellLegendary
Half-Submerged ShellLegendary
Hemisphere ShellLegendary
Heraldic ShellLegendary
Honeycomb ShellLegendary
Hunter ShellLegendary
Interchange ShellLegendary
Io ShellUncommon
Jagged ShellLegendary
Kill-Tracker ShellLegendary
Kingfisher ShellLegendary
Lambda ShellLegendary
Last City ShellLegendary
Last City Shell (Damaged)Common
Lotus ShellLegendary
Moon of Saturn ShellUncommon
Nessus ShellUncommon
Number Two ShellLegendary
Starfire ShellLegendary
Titan ShellLegendary
Tower ShellLegendary
Twilight ShellLegendary
Two of Diamonds ShellLegendary
Vertical ShellLegendary
Warlock ShellLegendary

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