Mustard Menace [PC – Europe]

  • Guardian: Mustard Menace
  • Submitted by: Boggybean

Don’t worry if people stare at you or point and laugh, because you know you will be cool wearing this B)


Item Name Source Shaders
Helmet Mask of the Quiet One EDZ Flashpoint (Luminous Planetary Engram) Bumblebee
Gauntlets Hardy’s Control Season 3 Eververse Bumblebee
Chest Armor Hardy’s Journey Season 3 Eververse Bumblebee
Boots Hardy’s Steps Season 3 Eververse Bumblebee
Class Armor Hardy’s Orders Season 3 Eververse Kairos Gold
Kinetic Weapon Lincoln Green Most Legendary Engrams (or Devrim Kay)
Energy Weapon
Power Weapon
Ghost Shell