Destiny 2 Fashion
Because of a lack of participation from the community and less than 250 views per day for the last year, Destiny 2 Fashion is shutting down on September 5th, 2019. If there is anything you wish to keep, please save it now.

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Read these directions before posting. It will save you some trouble.

  • If you’ve submitted the form and your post doesn’t show any images, check to make sure your images meet the requirements for the site, especially the size limit. You can resize your images using various programs. Cropping or using jpeg instead of png are two ways to do this.
  • Double-check the form before hitting the Submit button because you cannot make changes yourself after it has posted.
  • Make sure you don’t use your mouse scroll wheel while clicked into a field because it may change your settings without your knowledge.
  • If you need us to make corrections to your post, please send a message through the Contact Form or on the post comments with the corrections you would like.
  • See the terms if you have any questions about what is admissible.
  • Your submission will post immediately. There is no review system prior to your post showing up on the site. If you don’t see your submission immediately after posting, there are several possible issues:
    1. You didn’t fill out all of the required fields. There will be an error message in red at the top of the form.
    2. You didn’t check the Captcha button. There will be an error message in red at the top of the form.
    3. Your image format is not recognized by the form. You may only submit images in jpg, jpeg, png, or gif format. Your images must have one of these valid extensions. The form will not give an error message for this.
    4. Your submission was marked as spam (rare). If none of the other issues are the problem, please use the comments on this form to contact me. A contact message would also be marked as spam because the plugin marks an IP address as a spammer and all additional submissions will be marked as spam.

Keep in mind the following when taking screenshots:

  • Crop images before posting 
    • You can’t see armor details on uncropped images.
    • If you don’t have a program for cropping images, there are free programs on the internet, like Fotor Photo Crop, you can use.
  • First image = Thumbnail
    • It will not display on the post itself.
    • Use a picture that focuses on the character’s face.
    • It’s best to use a perfectly square image (eg, 150×150 px), because the site will center the image. If you use a rectangular image, you may only see parts of the character’s chest.
    • The rest of the images will post in the order listed on the form.
  • One outfit per post 
    • The form is not set up to handle multiple outfits per post.
    • Because the thumbnail image is so small, it is very difficult to show more than one set on it.
    • People use the thumbnail to decide if they should click on your post to view more images. They won’t know there are multiple sets hiding in the post.
  • Good lighting conditions
    • No one can see how good your character looks if it is too dark.
  • Different angles
    • Generally you will want a pic showing the full frontal body, full back body, full side body, and then close ups of the chest/head area.
    • Make sure you zoom in as far as possible, but don’t clip off the feet in full shots.
  • Shaders
    • List which shaders you are using so people don’t have to ask.
  • Maximum graphic settings 
  • Turn off your UI
  • Credit for Images – Please remember that it is illegal in The United States to take pictures off of other websites without providing proper credit to the owner of that material. If you are going to submit images taken from a source other than the game, please provide proper credit in the comments section so we don’t get take-down requests.
  • Your Information

  • This information will be on the post. Does not need to be your real name.
  • Optional. Your email will never be shared or used for anything other than to contact you about your submission. This information does not show on the post.
  • Guardian Information

  • Required. This automatically shows as the first half of the tile of your post. Please only use the character's name and/or title. Do not include descriptive information about your post. That information goes in the comments section.
  • Optional. Choose one of these categories if your character is dressed as a character from a different source than Destiny. Please indicate who your character is dressed like in the Comments section. If you are including an image of the original character, please include the source of the image in the Comments section so we don't get a take-down request.
  • Optional. This is for anything you would like to say about your character. This information will be added to the post.
  • Images

    You may upload up to 10 images here. each image can have a maximum file size of 10MB. Valid extensions are gif, jpg, jpeg, and png.
    Please crop your images before posting. If you don't have software that can crop images, you can use an online program, such as Fotor Photo Crop.
    NOTE: The images will show on the post in the order you upload them.
  • Required. This image will be used as the post "Featured Image" or thumbnail, but will not be visible on the post itself. Please choose an image that shows a close up of the character's face. Using a perfectly square image will yield the best results, eg. 150 x 150 px.
  • Gear

    The following fields are optional, but filling them out saves people from asking. This form is only set up to handle one outfit per form. Please include only the visible items.
  • Where can you obtain this item in-game?
  • Where can you obtain this item in-game?
  • Where can you obtain this item in-game?
  • Where can you obtain this item in-game?
  • Where can you obtain this item in-game?
  • Where can you obtain this item in-game?
  • Where can you obtain this item in-game?
  • Where can you obtain this item in-game?
  • Where can you obtain this item in-game?
  • In case you included images of your vehicle.
  • Where can you obtain this item in-game?

    This site used CAPTCHA to help prevent spam submissions.
  • Submit

    By pressing Submit, you agree to all terms and conditions of this website.

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